Accepted Papers

The information below is for the 2023 edition and for reference only. It will be updated for the 2024 edition.

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Full papers

Daria Schumm, Rahma Mukta and Hye-young Paik. Efficient Credential Revocation Using Cryptographic Accumulators

Baturalp Buyukates, Chaoyang He, Shanshan Han, Zhiyong Fang, Yupeng Zhang, Jieyi Long, Ali Farahanchi and Salman Avestimehr. Proof-of-Contribution-Based Design for Collaborative Machine Learning on Blockchain

Xun Deng, Zihan Zhao, Sidi Mohamed Beillahi, Han Du, Cyrus Minwalla, Keerthi Nelaturu, Andreas Veneris and Fan Long. A Robust Front-Running Methodology for Malicious Flash-Loan DeFi Attacks

Shashank Motepalli and Hans Arno Jacobsen. Analyzing Geospatial Distribution in Blockchains

Rahma Mukta, Rue Teh, Hye-young Paik, Qinghua Lu and Salil Kanhere. VCTP: A Verifiable Credential-based Trust Propagation Protocol for Personal Issuers in Self-Sovereign Identity Platforms. Best Paper Award.

Damiano Di Francesco Maesa and Frank Tietze. Automating Intellectual Property License Agreements with DLT

Reza M. Parizi and Rizwan Patan. Automatic Detection of API Access Control Vulnerabilities in Decentralized Web3 Applications

Navin Keizer, Onur Ascigil, Michał Król and George Pavlou. Ditto: Towards Decentralised Similarity Search for Web3 Services

Felix Hoops, Alexander Mühle, Florian Matthes and Christoph Meinel. A Taxonomy of Decentralized Identifier Methods for Practitioners

Arlindo Conceicao, Alexandre Siqueira and Vladimir Rocha. Performance Evaluation of Self-Sovereign Identity Use Cases

Short Papers

Nicola Cibin and Michele Albano. Blockchain-based platform for Crowdsourcing Machine Learning models design and training, while incentivizing continuous improvement

Maurantonio Caprolu, Elmahdi Bentafat, Spiridon Bakiras and Roberto Di Pietro. UBIC—A Blockchain-less Cryptocurrency: Rationals, Architecture, and PoC

Marco Zecchini, Micheal Sober, Stefan Schulte and Andrea Vitaletti. Building a Cross-Chain Identity: A Self-Sovereign Identity-based Framework

Zahra Batool, Sion Israel Sion, Rodrigue Tonga Naha and Kaiwen Zhang. B-ROSCA: A smart contract-based selection of ROSCA communities using collateral

Špela Čučko, Boštjan Šumak and Muhamed Turkanović. Identification and Analysis of Self-Sovereign Identity User Interface and User Experience Design Patterns

Lucian Trestioreanu, Wazen Shbair, Flaviene Scheidt de Cristo and Radu State. Blockly2Hooks: Smart Contracts for Everyone with the XRP Ledger and Google Blockly

Mohammad Salar Arbabi, Arlindo Flavio Da Conceição, Thiago Garrett, Jan Nygård and Roman Vitenberg. Tracking Decisions about Granting Access to Health Data: Requirements and an Architecture

Jonas Schiffl, Alexander Weigl and Bernhard Beckert. Static Capability-based Security for Smart Contracts

Libin Xia, Jiashuo Zhang, Xihan Zhang, Yue Li, Jianbo Gao, Zhi Guan and Zhong Chen. Didapper: A Practical and Auditable On-Chain Identity Service for Decentralized Applications

Marc X. Makkes and Michael F. Toutonghi. Funding Large Projects with a Blockchain Based Automated Fractional Reserve Currency

Lodovica Marchesi. Using Django framework and DLT for Drug Supply Chain management