Keynote Speakers

Roberto Tonelli, Professor

University of Cagliari, Italy

Blockchain solutions and Made in Italy

Blockchain technology is impacting everyday life offering new perspectives, applications and business opportunities in sectors such as e-commerce, identity management, utilities exchange and so on. This talk will assess a short comparison among different Blockchain technologies and will examine the more recent trends and perspectives on the applications of this technology to certify provenance of goods in supply chains for national products and in particular to certify “Made in Italy” productions. Italian and European blockchain solutions will be examined.

Short bio:
Roberto Tonelli is a Full Professor of Informatics at the University of Cagliari’s Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. He’s been the Coordinator for the Ph.D. program in Mathematics and Informatics at University of Cagliari. He has been awarded for his influential blockchain research (50 Topmost influential paper in 2018) by “Blockchain Connect Conference” – SanFrancisco Jan 2019.

He founded the academic spin-off “Agile By Chain”, which provides services and consultancies on blockchain technologies. He is the National Appointee for former MISE (Italian Ministry of Economic Development) for EBP (European Blockchain Partnership) Appointment of National Representatives, Appointment of representatives for the new EBSI use cases EUROPEAN SELF-SOVEREIGN IDENTITY/EIDAS WORKING GROUP (from 2020 ongoing).

He has two Ph.D. titles, in Physics and in Software Engineering and has been visiting researcher at Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Dept. Berkeley University, California (2000/01 and 2006/07) and at University of Maryland, Washington DC (1999). He authored more than 150 papers with about 5000 citations on scholar and H-index 37.

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